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Are You Tired of Oiling Your Teak AND Still It's Gray?

Love Your Teak For a Lifetime And Never Oil Your Teak Again!

Expose the beauty of your teak easily with Teak Guard's patented finish and cleaner. Be proud of your teak's golden shades all year long!

TeakGuard® is guaranteed not to CHIP-PEEL-FADE within one year...and even longer when you hose it off with fresh water every couple months!

Start Using Your Boat More and Maintaining Your Boat Less!

TeakGuard® Finish is the only product that allows moisture that causes your teak to be gray or moldy to escape by "breathing" through the finish and at the same time sealing in the wood's natural oils.

TeakGuard® Super Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for teak on boats and furniture that will reduce your cleaning effort significantly and prepare the surface for a long lasting TeakGuard® finish.

Enjoy your Teaks' Beauty MORE with Teak Guard Products on all Your Teak Wood!

Click here for answers to your TeakGuard® questions.

TeakGuard® and CLEANER made these dried out decks...

Look like this in just a few hours!

This is a real swim platform

It will do the same for your teak furniture too!

With TeakGuard®, you will spend much less time slaving and more time enjoying your teak!

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