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Welcome to the All Guard Products web site.

We are pleased you have found us.

We are here to offer you a real alternative to high maintenance teak finishes for teak decks, bright work and furniture. We want to tell you up front that if you have used a silicon finish on your teak, do not buy All Guard Products!  They will not work for you. Once you have used a product containing silicon nothing else will stick to the wood. Sorry.

Because All Guard Products contains only water-soluble components, we see no reason why they can not be shipped worldwide. Thus far, we have shipped TeakGuard and TeakGuard Cleaner to the United States, Canada, England, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, and many countries in South America with no difficulty. We expect to be able to ship to many other countries given the opportunity.

Obviously the shipping and handling charges have to be adjusted to reflect the actual costs, but thus far, delivery charges seem to be reasonable.

Canada, United Kingdom: There appears to have no import restrictions for TeakGuard beyond normal customs requirements. Shipping is normally handled using the post office because carriers like Fed Ex and DHP and UPS are exceedingly expensive on international shipments. Additionally, since the 9/11 attack and various other terror attacks around the world, international shipments of liquids have been severely delay by customs inspections.

Israel appears to have import restrictions that make shipment nearly impossible.

Shipping costs are based on the latest information electronically available from the US post office web site.

We comply with all known tariff and customs restrictions.

Sales outside North America will be shipped via US Mail and local Mail unless otherwise specified or required (phone orders only).

Exchange rates are an obvious challenge. To avoid as many problems as possible, all international sales are handled via credit card. Prices will be quoted and charged in US dollars. Price quotes will be honored for 5 days.

Due to recent airline restrictions, TeakGuard Cleaner can not be taken on airplanes. If this is a problem, we can supply the oxalic acid cleaner as a dry powder which appears to be acceptable. AllGuard Super Cleaner is not acid and is not available as a dry powder.

We look forward to doing business with you soon.


Martin Meyer,

President, All Guard Products.