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Greetings Martin -

I wanted to write to you and your company and thank you for your product Teakguard. I was introduced to this product at the Miami Boat Show about 20 years ago. I have been a user of it ever since. I am amazed at the durability and protection of Teakguard. I live in the Florida Keys in one of the harshest environments for teak. Your product lives up to all of its claims and then some. I find it lasts at least twice or three times its guarantee of one year. I have a 1981 Catalina 27 which I purchased new. The teak is still in excellent condition. Thanks again for Teakguard. I highly recommend it to anyone who like me had rather use their boat than do maintenance on it.

Sincerely yours,

Gary L. Roberts
Marathon - Florida Keys

Homesassa Fl

All Guard Products
PO Box 805
Hamilton, OH 45012

Dear Marty,
As a consumer of your TeakGuard Products, I felt that it is important that I comment on their usage as they relate to the completion of the work I performed on a teakwood patio set.
I was totally amazed at the beautiful finished product I received, after applying your products as per the instructions given. I have been trying for years to restore the original quality to my patio set, but could not acheive a satisfactory result.  The process was simple and the result was pleasing to the eye.
Thank you for offering me your products, and you can be sure that I will pass the word on to all those I know and meet who have my same concerns.

Sincerely Yours,

Bill Matarese