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Your Teak is a beautiful, durable and water resistance wood. Even when it’s cared for properly can be a blessing and a curse.

The blessing: Teak’s heavy oils retard the tendency of the wood to rot or be vulnerable to bugs and worms. Those same oils give teak its beautiful color and texture. Leaving unprotected teak in the sun brings the natural oils to the surface, the oils dry (oxidize) then turn to the gray color, sometimes leaving oil on the surface and transfer to clothes and skin.

The curse: Because of the same oil that makes teak wood beautiful, the wood can’t breathe like most non-oily woods. So any tiny droplets of moisture that get trapped between the wood and any finish you apply will vaporize when exposed to the sun, and cause bubbles under the sealer.

The answer to the curse: The water based recipe of Teak Guard allows the wood to breathe, stopping bubbles under the finish and oil to be contained and not cause the grey finish. Following the cleaning and application instructions below will protect your teak and let it keep its golden hue even in the worst climates for teak.

Cleaning your Teak

Things to Never Do

How to Apply TeakGuard

Long Term Care of TeakGuard

What Causes Sealers to Fail?

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Understanding Mold

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