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Frequently Asked Questions About TeakGuard Products

Q1. What do I need to buy and how much?

A. New users of TeakGuard Products should always buy the Kit offerings. They have all the ingredients you will need to make your teak look great for at least a year. One or two coats of TeakGuard finish should be re-applied once a year to restore the depth of protection lost to normal oxidation and wear. The cleaning process followed prior to the first application is not necessary unless it is to an area of teak where the TeakGuard has worn off due to mistreatment or high traffic.

Q2. What is the process?

A. Follow this link to the entire process

Q3. What is the difference in the cleaners?

A. The differences between cleaners are very significant to the life of the TeakGuard finish and the life of your teak wood. The traditional oxalic acid cleaner is safe for your wood and friendly to the environment. It removes mold, moss, and many other contaminants found on teak boats and furniture. Our Super Cleaner is about 5 times more effective at cleaning and requires about 1/10 the labor of the oxalic acid cleaner and is very easy on your teak and the environment.

Don't Use Bleach, Pool Shock, or Cleaners on Your Teak! They contain Sodium Hydroxide Which Will Damage Your Teak!

They attack the micro fibers that hold the long fibers of the teak together and weaken the surface of the wood which often results in the finish and the first 5 or 10 thousandths of wood peeling off.

Q4. If you have left over product from last year-will it still be good for this year?

A. As long as the bottle was tightly closed, stored out of the sun and did not freeze TeakGuard Finish will last for years.

Q5. Shelf Life...

A. As long as liquid TeakGuard Finish did not freeze, it will last for years if stored out of the sun.

Q6. If there's left over product from last year, but not enough, can you mix with a new batch?

A. As long as liquid TeakGuard Finish did not freeze, it will mix with new product completely.

Q7. If you buy a large quantity can you get a discount?


Q8. Can I get TeakGuard locally?

A. Yes and No. Consult our list of local suppliers for a distributor near you

Q9. How is it shipped?

A. In most cases we ship TeakGuard Products via Fed Ex Ground, however, there are situations where this method is not suitable. We are located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and it gets well below freezing in the winter. Even with heat packets that last for 72 hours, freezing can occur. Shipping to the west coast via ground transport is subject to delays in the mountains where it can be well below freezing. Shipping to Canada in the winter time can be held up in unheated customs houses for weeks in freezing weather. Therefore, we won't ship until the weather is right to get to your location without freezing.

Q10. How is it stored?

A. Storing TeakGuard Finish out of the sun and above freezing temperatures is all that is required

Q11. Can it be ordered all year round?

A. Yes and No. See Q9

Q12. If you've used another product in the past can you switch to Teak Guard?

A. If you have used a silicone based coating on your teak, you are pretty much stuck with using it in the future. Even aggressive wet sanding does not take it off completely. Other coating should be removed with sanding and chemical strippers to remove as much of the old finish as possible.

Q13. If so, is there a certain process they have to follow?

A. See Q12

Q14. Does TeakGuard have to be reapplied every year?

A. Yes, but if there is no raw teak exposed it does not have to be re cleaned with cleaner.

Q15. Does TeakGuard have to be cleaned first before re-application?

A. Yes, with mild detergent.

Q16. After using the cleaner and did everything the instructions said I was suppose to do to the teak wood and it still has a grayness to it, what's wrong?

A. If your teak remains light gray to white after thoroughly cleaning it, the top layer of wood is dead and has dried out. It needs to be removed by wet sanding with 60 to 80 grit water proof sand paper to reveal viable (tan) wood. Do not use a belt sander for this process as it is much too aggressive and can cause grave damage to your teak.

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